The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness. (Proverbs 16:31, KJV)

Not many people have enjoyed a life of dedication and commitment to the cause of the Gospel as the eighty-one year old author of Worship That Pleases God, James W. Bartley, Jr. who was for several decades a missionary to Uruguay and continues to serve the Lord today in his old age. Many people would rather prefer to retire to a quiet ordinary life at his age. But Dr. Bartley, a retired professor of theology still works today as the Director of the Hispanic Leadership Training Center in Waco, Texas and he is still a pastor too.

Worship That Pleases God is a special book. It is not only an insightful book that leads the reader to understand from biblical perspectives the role of worship in our daily walk with God, but it is also an awe-inspiring book that will bring any reader frequently into an attitude of worship in the very course of reading the book.

This small website has been put together by Baal Hamon Publishers – the publishers of the book – to celebrate the way of righteousness in worship in which Dr. Bartley has walked for several decades. The website features sample chapters from the book, which an interested reader could download and preview as well as reviews and comments about the book.

Baal Hamon Publishers is the imprint of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry an international interdenominational fellowship of Christians from various backgrounds. The name Baal Hamon – which translates as “ruler of a multitude” or “place of a multitude” was inspired from the biblical city in which Solomon had his famous vineyard (Song of Solomon 8:11). Baal Hamon Publishers itself is a “vineyard of life-changing words”.

As you tour this small site to explore Dr. Bartley’s sensational book, Worship That Pleases God, our prayer is that you may find a life saturated with life-changing words and may live a life of worship that pleases God.

Baal Hamon Publishers.

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